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How to use XYLO Foreign Exchange

XYLO Foreign Exchange is a fast, simple and secure online
payments platform which provides businesses with
live access to the competitive wholesale FX market.

XYLO Foreign Exchange lets you make foreign currency payments in three simple steps, in under 60 seconds.

01. Book your foreign currency

Select the foreign currency you want to make your payment in.

XYLO Foreign Exchange allows you to buy or sell your Australian dollars against a range of foreign currencies. You can book an FX rate to use immediately (Spot FX), or on a future date (Forward FX).

02. Set up your payment

Once you've booked your foreign currency, select your payee.

You can set up a library of payees within your XYLO Account, just as you would with internet banking. You can select who you want to pay, how much you want to pay, and any reference details you'd like top record. You can also send a confirmation email of your payment details to anyone with an email address.

03. Authorise your payment

Once this is done, simply check all your details are correct and authorise your FX payment.

XYLO Foreign Exchange lets you set up different levels of access for any Users you've nominated to have access to your Account. This ensures you can control and manage exactly who is responsible for setting up and authorising your payments.

What else can you do with XYLO Foreign Exchange?
View your payment history

With XYLO Foreign Exchange you can:

  • view your payment history for the past 100 days
  • print off individual payment details
  • search for specific payment records
  • export your payment history file for accounting and reference purposes

Economic Updates

Within your XYLO Account you'll receive secure access to the latest research and analysis from Westpac Economics, including analysis and views on RBA Statements, Consumer Sentiments, and the GDP outlooks from Bill Evans, Westpac's Chief Economist.